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What is the difference between telephone Cable and network Cable ?

What is the difference between telephone Cable and network Cable ?


The telephone and the Internet have penetrated into the lives of thousands of households. The Internet has brought us closer to each other, and the telephone has promoted people's communication.


The telephone is inseparable from the telephone Cable, and the network is inseparable from the network cable. So what is the difference between a telephone Cable and a network Cable? Next, let me help you answer it.


First, the difference between telephone Cable and network Cable


1. The appearance is different. Most of the former appear as parallel Cables and have 2 cores. The latter usually comes as a twisted pair with 8 cores.


2. The functions are different. The telephone Cable passes through ADSL, and the information in the computer is converted into an analog Cable number, which is then transmitted to the other telecommunication terminal by the telephone Cable, and then the analog signal is converted into a digital type signal. We do not need to do this step when we use the network cable to surf the Internet.


3. The input signal method is different. The former frequency is not high and is usually used for analog signal related work. The latter has a high frequency and is normally used for digital signal-related work, so twisted pair wires will be selected as the main material, and the material span should not be too large.


4. The effect of networking is different, and the highest network speed required to make a call is 2M. Making phone calls consumes a lot of phone Cable hardware and signal. It is often the case that the skin is peeled off or the plug is not in good contact, which causes the network speed to become very slow.


Second, the role of telephone Cables and network cables


Telephone Cables are mainly used in the field of telecommunication engineering wiring. The telephone connection in the house requires various telephone Cables, and it is also indispensable in various communication fields. It has made a huge contribution to the rapid flow of information.


Surfing the Internet, the network cable is an indispensable and important prop for us. Network cables are mainly used for the transmission of big data on the Internet. A good quality network cable also has a huge impact on our network speed. Therefore, it is also very important to choose a high-quality network cable when installing a computer.


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