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What are the differences between 2-core and 4-core telephone Cable ?

What are the differences between 2-core and 4-core telephone Cable  ?



1. What are the differences between two-core and four-core telephone Cable


1. The wire diameters of the two are different. If you choose a two-core telephone line, the diameter is 0.4 mm, if it is a 4-core phone line, it is 0.5 mm, and some can reach 1.0 mm.


2. The crystal heads of the two are also different. If you choose two-core, according to the standard connection method, you should choose RJ 32 crystal head. If it is four-core, it is generally used in the company or the group phone. The standard telephone crystal head you choose is best for MIC. .


3. The two use modes are different. Generally speaking, the two-core is an analog telephone signal, which is used for local calls. The four-core signal is a digital telephone signal. If you only need to make a phone call, you only need to choose two-core. If it is an office system, the four-core telephone line is generally selected for wiring.


4. The main reason is that the office may need to install an extension in addition to the open line. At the beginning, it was installed with two cores. If you want to connect it later, it will lead to more Cable in the office, which is very messy, so it was used as an office at the beginning. Wire telephone line, it is best to choose four-core twisted pair.


2. How does the network cable become a telephone line ?


1. First, you need to prepare a crimping tool, a network cable, and a phone crystal head. Use wire crimping pliers to cut off the outer insulating layer of one end of the network cable to expose the inner wire, and you can see that there are 8 network cables of different colors. When using, you only need to use four, and you need two telephone Cable, that is to say, two cores are enough.


2. Next, insert two of the wire cores, no matter what color, into the crystal head, and the other end should also be connected to the crystal head, and the colors should be the same. Then press it with a crimping pliers and connect it with the telephone line interface, you can turn the network cable into a telephone line


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