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Jabra Headset

Jabra Headset


Denmark's Jabra (foreign language Jabra) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GN Netcom A/S, a global leader in hands-free mobile technology. Its headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its products include wireless Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets. and mobile music accessories such as stereo headphones and headsets for mobile phones and other devices.


The history of Jabra begins with a man named C.F. Tietgen, a Danish industrial tycoon who founded the Great Northern Telegraph Company (GN) in 1869.


Tietgen's original idea was to take advantage of Denmark's location by laying telegraph lines linking superpowers France and Great Britain with Russia and East Asia.


Over the next 100 years, GN expanded telegraph operations, including opening the first telegraph line from Northern Europe via Siberia to Japan and Hong Kong in 1872.


By 1907, GN was one of the leading international telegraph companies. Its network covers 15,600 kilometers of telegraph cables, and it connects to advanced networks in northern Europe via Siberia and is the most mature network in East Asia.


In 1969, GN opened the Japan-Russia (JASC) line, adding a special touch to its centenary.


With this expansion, the GN cable network now covers routes from North America to Japan via Siberia.


1977 Forays into another product area, GN acquires Danavox, a Danish hearing aid manufacturer. This acquisition was a turning point in GN's history.


Early 1980s. GN Store Nord acquires the Danish "office automation" company Netcom from Rovsing A/S.


1985: New name, new emphasis. GN was renamed GN Great Nordic by the Great Northern Telegraph Company.


The aim was to establish a new group identity, so all subsidiaries were also renamed: GN Danavox, GN Nettest, GN Automatic, etc.


1986: The hard-fought subsidiary. Netcom turned out to be an unprofitable company that ceased operations in 1986 - leaving GN Store Nord a "shell" company.


GN Store Nord's board became concerned about the financial performance of another GN company, GN Danavox, which at the time made hearing aids and headphones.


At a meeting in September of that year, GN decided to transfer GN Danavox's headset production to a new telecommunications division.


The new division bears the name GN Netcom, a manufacturer of office data equipment acquired by GN in 1984.


1987: The future is in the headphone business. GN Netcom's sales rose 34%, its best year ever.


GN Netcom has established subsidiaries in Canada, the US and West Germany - announcing to shareholders that it will focus more on a development called "Wireless Headphones".

2000: GN Netcom acquires Jabra. GN Netcom acquires Jabra, a leading US manufacturer of cell phone hands-free equipment.

2009. The GN earphones under the Jabra brand are sold worldwide. By consolidating all headphone businesses under one brand, Jabra has consolidated its position as the world's leading headphone supplier.
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