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Jabra is a leading brand of innovative hands-free communication solutions in the mobile consumer market. Its products are sold to more than 80,000 retailers around the world, including major GSM operators, consumer electronics chain stores, and mobile phone service providers.


About Jabra


Jabra, a member company of GN Great Nordic (commonly known as GN Store Nord in Denmark), manufactures and markets wireless and wired headsets for mobile phones, call centers and office users.


Main products of Jabra


Bluetooth headset: mainly used for devices that can be connected to Bluetooth, such as: mobile phones with Bluetooth function, mobile players (MP3, MP4, etc.), laptops, etc. Mainly divided into mono and stereo.


Wired Headphones: Communication and music headphones connected through a standard 3.5-inch interface.


Bluetooth Car Speaker: Connect your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can talk freely while driving.


Unified Communication Headset: This headset integrates functions such as voice, email and instant messaging.


Major Jabra Product Milestones


2008 GN products passed the Microsoft Office Communicator software certification

2006 GN first introduced duplex-connected wireless headset for traditional and IP telephony

2005 GN certified by the world's first Bluetooth 2.0 headset

2005 Introduced the Jabra BT800, the industry's most advanced headset

2004 GN was the first to introduce a headphone amplifier with call control for PC IP telephony, and 2004 GN introduced the industry's first all-digital multi-function amplifier that integrates


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology


2004 GN is the first to introduce a Bluetooth headset certified to the 1.2 specification

2003 GN introduces the world's first mobile phone with built-in teleconferencing

Wireless Headphones

2002 GN is the first to introduce a Bluetooth headset certified to the 1.1 specification

2000 GN first to launch true digital wireless earphones

2000 GN introduces the world's first Bluetooth mobile headset

1996 GN pioneers analog wireless headphones

1991 GN introduces the first super noise-cancelling microphone

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