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What does the RS485 port play on the electricity meter?

In smart meters, RS485 bus is used as communication between the concentrator and the smart meter terminal, mainly transmitting the power consumption information of each household. The power consumption information is transmitted to the power company through the concentrator.


Electricity Meter Gas Meter Water Meter Reading RS485 Cable

There are two ways for concentrators to transmit to power companies. One is to use AC carrier technology, also known as power line carrier technology. As the name implies, high-frequency communication signals are superimposed on the power line and demodulated at the receiving end. This is used in areas with relatively large numbers of people, such as residential areas. Another approach is to use wireless technology such as GPRS. Generally, this approach is used in more remote areas, such as mountain areas/substations.

Transmit power consumption information for each household, which is transmitted to the power company through a concentrator. RS485 can effectively transmit signals under remote conditions and in environments with high electronic noise. RS-485 makes it possible to connect to local networks and configure multi branch communication links.


Through the RS485 communication cable, various data of the electricity meter can be read, such as various electric quantities, various parameters of the electricity meter, and parameters of the electricity meter can be configured, such as changing passwords, setting tariffs, and so on.


In theory, when the communication rate is 100 Kbps or less, the maximum transmission distance of RS485 can reach 1200 meters, but in practical applications, the transmission distance also varies due to the transmission characteristics of chips and cables.


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USB RS485 to RJ45 Cable for Energy Meter Storage System

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