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What is the IX Industrial Ethernet Cable?

RJ45 Ethernet interface has been in use for many years since its development. Due to its large interface and relatively simple usage environment, there is also a strong demand for upgrading in the industrial field. In order to better adapt to the development needs of the new generation of industrial Ethernet, IX Industrial came into being. This article will focus on in-depth analysis of this new interface. 


Medical Device Machine Vision Camera IX Industrial Ethernet Type A to RJ45 Jack Cable


What is the IX Industrial Ethernet connector?


The IX Industrial Ethernet connector is a new generation of Ethernet connectors, jointly launched by Hirose Electric and its technical partner, Germany Haoting Technology Group. Due to its compact and compact design and robustness, it is favored by many industrial equipment manufacturers at home and abroad as an Ethernet connection solution.


Currently, there are two key types of IX Industrial Ethernet connectors. Type IX A connectors are for Ethernet communication purposes, and Type IX B connectors are for non Ethernet purposes such as signaling, serial, or industrial bus communication.



Unique Advantages of the IX Industrial Ethernet Connector


This new update to the Ethernet connector has improved the original RJ45 interface in many ways.


1. Size: 75% smaller than regular RJ45 connectors, ideal for daisy chain and connector dense applications.


2. Housing: This type of connector uses a durable metal housing with strong EMC resistance.


3. Plugging and unplugging: It has extremely high vibration and motion resistance capabilities, and its configured locking pin enables this type of IX connector to have a plugging and unplugging force of 25N, and can reliably withstand 5000 times of plugging and unplugging.


4. Throughput: Up to 10G for Class 6 or Class 7 applications, backward compatible with Class 5 and Class 6 applications.


5. Standard: IX connectors comply with IEC 61076-3-124 standards and are suitable for machine vision and PoE applications.


6. Installation: Capable of being installed side by side with a spacing of about 10mm.



Industry Application of IX Industrial Ethernet Connector


As an emerging port, the IX Industrial Ethernet connector naturally requires a transition period from the old interface. In order to match the exclusive characteristics of its interface, there will also be more levels of consideration in the cable part of the connection, and the combination of strong and strong will bring a better use experience.

1. IX Industrial Ethernet Connector/IX Type A+Economy Cable


It adopts F/UTP single layer shielding structure and is covered with CMR/CMG flame retardant PVC sheath. Type IX B also includes.

2. IX Industrial Ethernet Connector/IX Type A+Dual Shielded High Flex Industrial Outdoor Cable


It adopts a highly flexible Category 6 outdoor industrial Ethernet cable with a dual shield (foil shield+woven shield) structure, and is covered with a CM/CMX flame-retardant TPE sheath. It has oil resistance, chemical resistance, welding spatter resistance, moisture resistance, and ultraviolet (UV) resistance characteristics. The rated continuous motion bending times at 10 times and 20 times the cable outer diameter are 1 million and 10 million, respectively.


In addition, this cable assembly also supports PoE and maintains rated channel performance over a cabling length of up to 70 meters (230 feet). Type IX B also includes.

3. IX Industrial Ethernet Connector/IX Type A+Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Cable


It adopts F/UTP single layer shielding structure and is covered with CMX, VW-1 flame retardant grade and IEC certified low smoke zero halogen sheath. Type IX B also includes.


In addition to the aforementioned X Industrial Ethernet connectors with the same interface, they can also be adapted to the RJ45 interface. According to the classification of cable materials, different user experiences can also be obtained. Let's briefly introduce two models.


4. IX Industrial Ethernet connector/IX Type A+RJ45 male+economical single layer shield


5. IX Industrial Ethernet Connector/IX Type B+RJ45 Male+Dual Shielded High Flex Industrial Grade Outdoor Cable

In addition to the RJ45 male connector, the IX Industrial Ethernet connector can also be adapted to the RJ45 female connector.


6. IX Industrial Ethernet connector/IX Type A+RJ45 female+economical single layer shield


Factory Automation Robotic PoE IX Industrial Ethernet to RJ45 Cable

Typical industrial uses of IX include medical devices, machine vision cameras, factory automation, robotics, PoE (Power over Ethernet), and industrial switches. With the continuous upgrading of the industrial technology field, the diversified adaptation capabilities of the Ethernet interface, which is the foundation of this innovation, will bring more innovation to the deep interconnection of various industries.

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