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Do I have to write frequency when using the walkie-talkie?

Those who have used walkie-talkies know that writing frequency is a necessary skill for the correct use of walkie-talkies. For users who have just started using walkie-talkies, they do not have a good understanding of this field, and may mistakenly believe that all newly purchased walkie-talkies require frequency writing. In fact, this is a misconception. Follow our Premier Cable to learn more.


Although most walkie-talkies have preset frequency settings when they leave the factory, if two or more walkie-talkies that want to talk to each other in different brands, it is possible that they cannot be connected due to different preset frequencies.


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If you use the preset frequency in the walkie talkie and other people around you use the same brand of walkie talkie and tune to this frequency, your call may be eavesdropped and you may use your own set frequency. Due to the large range of numbers, the probability of encountering the same frequency will be much lower.


There are different ways to write frequencies for different walkie-talkies. One type of walkie talkie is a public walkie talkie with a numeric keypad, while the other type is an ordinary public walkie talkie without a keypad.


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1. FM Public Radio with Keyboard


The frequency range of public walkie-talkies is 409MHz-410MHz, and the operation methods of public walkie-talkies of various brands are relatively similar. Public channels are divided into 20 channels. Public walkie-talkies with keyboards can be paired successfully with other walkie-talkies of the same frequency by manually entering frequencies within the frequency range through the keyboard. This method of inputting frequencies is the easiest and easiest to use for walkie-talkies. Although the operating systems of different walkie-talkies vary, there will not be much difference in the way numeric keyboards are used. A simple operation can make the pairing successful.


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2. FM public walkie talkie without keyboard


Compared to walkie-talkies with keyboards, walkie-talkies without keyboards are more troublesome to write frequency. The frequency modulation of walkie-talkies without a keyboard is adjusted through the frequency adjustment knob on the top. Generally, factory walkie-talkies have a written frequency, and the preset frequency is adjusted through the knob to conduct paired calls. However, if you encounter different brands of walkie talkies with different frequencies corresponding to each rotation scale, you will not be able to pair successfully. In this case, we need to modify the built-in frequency and manually write the same frequency.


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