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How Do I Connect the Telephone Cable?

How do I connect the telephone cable? Many people like to DIY their phone cables, but do not know how to operate. Generally, the telephone cable is 4-core, but in fact only 2-core is needed. Unlike the network line, the telephone cable can be connected without wire sequence, as long as the telephone head is guaranteed to be the middle two contact pieces. Then how do I connect the phone line? Let's take the four-core telephone as an example, and follow Premier Cable to see the production process of telephone wire connection.


RJ45 RJ9 CS540 Telephone Interface Cable for Plantronics

1. First, use the thread cutting edge of the crimper to cut the telephone line to be used in the plan.


2. Peel off the outer protective layer of the telephone and let the knife edge cut the protective rubber of the telephone line.


3. Cut the top of the telephone line neatly with the thread cutting edge of the crimper. It should be noted that the cutting should be inserted horizontally, otherwise the length of the telephone line will affect the normal contact between the telephone line and the crystal head.


Plantronics Office Headset Quick Disconnect QD to USB Cable


4. After cutting, you should try to press the cable tight and avoid large movement or bending of the network cable, otherwise it may cause several groups of cables that have been arranged and cut to be uneven.


5. Insert the sorted telephone line into the crystal head. It should be noted that the side of the crystal head with the molding material spring sheet should be downward, and the side with the pin should be upward, so that the end with the pin should point away from the direction of the user, and the end with the square hole should point towards the user. At this time, the leftmost is the first leg, the rightmost is the fourth leg, and the rest are arranged in order. When inserting, it is necessary to slowly and forcefully insert the four cables along the four slots in the RJ-11 head, until they reach the top of the slot.


JabraCall Center Headset Offic GN Netcom Y-Splitter Training Cable


6. After confirming that there is no error, you can insert the crystal head into the 6P slot of the crimper to press the wire. After inserting the crystal head, hold the crimper firmly. If the strength is not enough, you can use both hands to press together. This process of pressing makes all the pins protruding from the outside of the crystal head press into the water crystal joint. After being stressed, you can hear a slight "snap" sound.

The above is how to connect the telephone line. I hope it will help you. 


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