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The rs232 to rs422 converter manufacturer will take you to understand: the essentials of daily use and maintenance of industrial Ethernet switches

The rs232 to rs422 converter manufacturer tells you that for industrial Ethernet networks, the most important expense is not the components of the network, but the part of design, installation and maintenance.

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How do you know if you are looking for a hardware or software error? When there is a problem with the factory automation system, people's first reaction is: There is a problem with the network? The rs232 to rs422 converter manufacturer tells you that in today’s industrial automation systems, industrial Ethernet (Ethernet switch) applications are more and more. If we need to find out the fault in time and accurately, and eliminate it, we must check the communication equipment Some understanding of fault classification and maintenance.
Classification of failure:
According to the nature of the fault, it is divided into software faults and hardware faults.
The manufacturer of rs232 to rs422 converter tells you that soft faults refer to faults caused by software system errors. Common soft faults include program errors, virus damage, operating errors, setting errors, and blind operations.
Hard fault refers to the physical damage of the equipment hardware: one is caused by man-made and environmental reasons, such as bad environment, poor power supply, electrostatic damage, or violation of operating procedures; the second is caused by electrical components, such as components, contact plug-ins, printed circuits, etc. Caused by damage.
The rs232 to rs422 converter manufacturer tells you that in the industry, special industrial Ethernet switches are usually used to define different priority levels of Ethernet frames so that the information that users want can be transmitted at the fastest speed. The following are the points that should be paid attention to when using industrial Ethernet switches:
(1) Do not place the device in a place close to water or damp;
(2) Do not put anything on the power cable, put it out of reach;
(3) In order to avoid fire, do not knot or wrap the cable;
(4) The power connector and other equipment connectors need to be firmly connected, and the firmness of the line should be checked frequently;
(5) Keep the optical fiber socket and plug clean, and do not look directly at the section of the optical fiber when the equipment is working;
(6) The manufacturer of rs232 to rs422 converter tells you to pay attention to the cleaning of the equipment, and wipe it with cotton cloth if necessary;
(7) The manufacturer of rs232 to rs422 converter tells you that when the equipment fails, do not repair it yourself for safety reasons.

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