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What is the RJ45 interface ?

What is the RJ45 interface ?


The RJ45 interface is usually used for data transmission, and the most common application is the network card interface.


RJ45 is a type of various connectors; RJ45 headers have two different methods according to the order of the lines, one is orange-white, orange, green-white, blue, blue-white, green, brown-white, brown; the other are green-white, green, orange-white, blue, blue-white, orange, brown-white, brown


There are also two types of lines that use RJ45 connectors: straight-through lines and cross-over lines.


RJ45 type network card interface


100base tx RJ45 interface is a commonly used Ethernet interface, supporting 10M and 100M adaptive network connection speed


There are two types of common RJ45 interfaces: DTE type used for Ethernet network cards, router Ethernet interfaces, etc., and DCE type used for switches, etc.


DTE can be called data terminal equipment, and DCE can be called data communication equipment.


In a sense, a DTE device is called an active communication device, and a DCE device is called a passive communication device.


When two devices of the same type use the RJ45 interface to connect for communication, a crossover cable must be used.


RJ45 type network cable plug, also known as crystal head, is made of eight cores and is widely used in the connection of network cables between network devices of LAN and ADSL broadband Internet users.


RJ45 and RJ11, different standards, different sizes. Due to the different sizes of the two, RJ11 is 4 or 6 pins, and RJ45 is an 8-pin connection device. Obviously, RJ45 plugs cannot be inserted into RJ11 jacks.


Neutrik NE8 FDX-P6-B


NEUTRIK RJ45 CAT6 8-pole female connector Type D


D Type Cat 6 Network Plug Chassis Panel Mount Connector  


Feed through chassis mount RJ45 CAT5e D type XLR housing


RJ45 Cat6 Socket Panel Mount Feedthrough Adaptor D-Shape 


Neutrik CAT6A RJ45 Female Panel Connector D-Shape Housing

RJ45 D-type module socket female connector cat6 panel mount 


Neutrik NE8FDX-P6 D-Shape Cat 6a Feedthrough Panel Connector


RJ45 D-Size Panel Connector, Screw Type, Front Mount, Round Flange  


NEUTRIK RJ45 CAT.6A IDC IP65, 8-pol , Metall-, Patch-Einbaubuchse, Type D 

RJ45 Connector, Cat.6, D Type, 8p8c,  copper Pins, Panel Mount Chassis RJ45 Female Socket Network Connector


Features  : 

D type XLR standard housing accommodates any RJ45 plug and XLR type RJ45 plug


Match standard RJ45 plug 


D shape installation design


Front and rear mountable


D-Shape Flange With screw Lock System


Connects plugs through the front and back of the panel.   


Shaped To Fit Into Standardized Panels In Entertainment


Optimized For Audio, Video, & Lightning Network Applications


Compatible with industrial Ethernet request any standard RJ45 connector. 


D-Type flange with the screw lock. Mounting screws included. With plug-lock to prevent drop off during operation. 


RJ45 D-Size Panel Connector, Screw Type, Front Mount, Round Flange  RJ45 D-type module socket female connector cat6 panel mount Neutrik CAT6A RJ45 Female Panel Connector D-Shape HousingFeed through chassis mount RJ45 CAT5e D type XLR housing

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