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What is a Telephone Jack ?

What is a Telephone Jack  ?

Telephone Jack is a telephone connection interface registered with the Federal Communications Commission, sometimes called RJ-XX.

Telephone Jack It is a series of telephone connection interfaces registered with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


It is derived from the partial interface of AT&T's Universal Service Classification Code (USOC) and is used in FCC regulations.




The most commonly used telephone jack is the RJ-11 jack, which usually has 6 conductors but only implements 4.


An RJ-11 jack is similar to a jack from a common wire that a home or office phone plugs into, with the jack connected to an outside twisted pair that connects to a telephone company central office or private branch exchange.


The 4 lines are distinctive, a pair of red and green, and a pair of black and white. Red and green lines carry voice or data. In the telephone company's external connections, black and white wires are used to carry low-voltage signals such as telephone lights. In a PXB system, they are used to carry other signals.



RJ-14 is the same as RJ-11, 4 wires for 2 phone lines. A set of wires includes red wires and green wires. Another set includes yellow and black wires. Each group loads one type of analog signal (voice or data)




RJ-45 is a single wire jack, which is used for digital transmission on ordinary telephone lines, which can be twisted pair and non-twisted pair.


D Type CAT3 RJ11 Female To Female Connector

Premier Cable  D Type Cat3 Modular Keystone Jack 

Cat.3 RJ11 4p4c Modular D type Tellephone Connector 
Panel Mount  RJ11 RJ12 4p4c Jack Cat3 Socket Adapter

Premier Cable D-Type Module RJ11 Cat3 jack connector

D-type network pass-through Telephone CAT3 socket module

CAT3 docking dual-pass 86 panel plug RJ11 socket D-type module 

D-Type Connector Cat.3 RJ11 4P4C Modular Terminal panel Mount Classis Connector for Tellephone




1.  D type XLR housing


2.  RJ11 Connector


3.  Panel mount connector


4.  Chassis mount connector


5.  Gender Female to Female

6.  Application Audio & Video


D Type CAT3 RJ11 Female To Female ConnectorD Type Cat3 Modular Keystone Jack Cat.3 RJ11 4p4c Modular D type Tellephone Connector Panel Mount  RJ11 RJ12 4p4c Jack Cat3 Socket AdapterPremier Cable D-Type Module RJ11 Cat3 jack connectorD-type network pass-through Telephone CAT3 socket module

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