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What protocol is HDBaseT ?

What protocol is HDBaseT  ?


HDBaseT, from Japan and South Korea's home appliance manufacturers LG, Samsung, Sony and other companies, and Israel's semiconductor company Valens Semiconductor, formed the HDBaseT Alliance, which passed Intel's HDCP certification in 2009. At the end of June 2010, the HDBaseT 1.0 was determined. Formal specification.


In addition to the video signal transmission function, the HDBaseT standard also has network connection and Power over Ethernet POE function


HDBaseT does not redesign a new interface like HDMI and Display Port, but uses the 8P8C RJ45 connector that is familiar to the public. The transmission medium uses a very accessible and common network cable.

HDbaseT supports the highest transmission rate of 20Gbps, which can better support future 3D and 2Kx 4K video formats. The transmission adopts ordinary CAT5e/6 network cable, and the connector also adopts ordinary RJ45 connector, and the transmission distance reaches 100 meters.

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