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What are the advantages of HDBaseT ?

What are the advantages of HDBaseT  ?

The idea behind designing HDBaseT is actually very simple, that is, to provide users with the simplest and lowest-cost solution, allowing one network cable to connect all your devices


Therefore, HDBaseT uses the network cable we need to surf the Internet, and the interface is also the 8P8C (RJ45) interface that has been used for more than ten years and is also a global standard. It does not need to develop a new interface like HDMI.


In addition, compared with HDMI cables that cost hundreds of dollars, the cost of CAT5/6 Ethernet cables is extremely low, which makes them more acceptable to consumers.


In terms of transmission rate, the maximum rate of HDBaseT can reach 20G, which is twice that of HDMI.


HDBaseT can transmit within 100 meters at the farthest, fully satisfying all uncompressed full HD 1080P video data.


Whether you need to transmit higher-capacity high-resolution digital content in the future, or project it on a 4K×2K ultra-high-resolution display device, HDBaseT has nothing to fear.


Another biggest selling point of HDBaseT is that it supports POE and POE PLUS technologies. POE (Power Over Etherent) can be used to transmit current and voltage through two pairs of unshielded twisted pair wires, which means that it can be used under the existing network cable infrastructure. It is possible to transmit DC power while transmitting data without any modification.


For the technology and research and development of future electronic products, the help of HDBaseT technology may be indispensable.


For merchants, as long as new products use HDMI technology, they need to pay a certain license fee.


The HDBaseT technology is completely open and licensed, and does not require licensing fees, which allows many small and medium-sized enterprises to use more budget to improve products when developing related products.


In addition, HDBaseT technology adopts high-definition digital content protection technology (HDCP) to ensure that the digital content released by HDBaseT technology is safe and protected, and will not be illegally copied or distributed.


For the video field, HDBaseT technology can not only simplify the unnecessary connection limitations in the audio and video system, but also expand the space for enjoying high-definition audio and video experience to every corner, but also realize the transmission requirements and budgets that cannot be met by HDMI and other standards. quota, reducing product development costs.


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