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Features of IEEE1394 Industrial Camera

Features of IEEE1394 Industrial Camera 


The IEEE1394 interface is referred to as 1394, also known as the Firewire interface. 


It is a standard industrial serial interface formulated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 


It has a fast transmission speed. The existing transmission speed is 400Mb/s, which can be increased to 800Mb in the future. /s, 1.6Gb/s, 3.2Gb/s.


It can be used to connect the host and industrial cameras, industrial cameras, image capture cards, external hard disks, external optical drives, MO machines, card readers, etc. to peripheral devices, with the following characteristics:


1. Open standard: The open standard enables the 1394 interface standard to be applied to many devices, which is conducive to promotion;


2. The real point-to-point transmission protocol: it can make the direct connection between different digital devices through the 1394 interface without the intervention of the computer;


3. Support hot-plugging: 1394 devices can be connected or removed while the computer is running without causing the computer system to crash.


The IEEE1394 interface has two types of six-pin and four-pin. The hexagonal connector is six-pin, and the small square connector is four-pin. At present, there are not only four-to-four-pin and six-to-six-pin transmission cables on the market, but also six-pin to four-pin transmission cables. 


However, due to the fast transmission rate of the IEEE1394 interface, the shielding requirements of the connecting cable are very high, so the IEEE1394 cables seen on the market are not long, and the longest is probably more than 3 meters.


1394a: Released in 1995, the transmission speed is 400Mbps, and the communication distance is 4.5m. Mainly used in the field of video transmission.


1394b: Released in 2002, the transmission speed is 800Mbps, and the communication distance is 4.5m. Mainly used in the field of video transmission.


1394 interface features


High speed, support hot swap, real-time data transmission, using bus structure, plug and play.


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Firewire industrial camera Cable

IEEE1394 Industrial Camera Cable

Hirose 6 pin Right Angle HRS HR10A-7P-6S Cable 

Hirose 6 pin Right Angle HRS HR10A-7P-6S Cable

IEEE1394 Industrial Camera Cable

Firewire industrial camera Cable


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