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Automated Imaging Association AIA Premier Cable

Automated Imaging Association AIA 


The Automated Imaging Association (AIA) was established in 1984 to advance the understanding and implementation of vision and imaging technologies worldwide. 


This is the world's largest professional business group established to promote the development of machine vision and graphic images. 


It has nearly 300 member companies from more than 30 countries, and its members include machine vision and industrial imaging products. suppliers (accessories, system integrators, dealers, etc.), users (companies using machine vision), and collaborators (government agencies, universities, research institutes, etc.).


The main activities of the International Automated Imaging Association (AIA) are: the development of industry standards such as GigE Vision and Camera Link standards; market research and analysis (including annual machine vision market research); vision and automation trade exhibition (formerly known as International Organization of trade shows such as robotics, vision and motion control exhibitions); worldwide educational seminars: annual industry business fairs, mainly for the annual machine vision industry guide; machine vision resources online service website, namely Machine Vision Online , where you can find the world's leading machine vision and industrial imaging information resources.

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Mini XLR to Hirose Power Cable 


6 PIN GPIO Hirose connecter Cable


High Flex USB3.0 A to micro B camera cable machine vision


Mini XLR to Hirose Power Cable

6 PIN GPIO Hirose connecter Cable


High Flex USB3.0 A to micro B camera cable machine vision


Industrial camera cable interface

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