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Independent power interface RS232 to CAN

Independent power interface RS232 to CAN


The RS232 to CAN device usually relies on the 5V DC of the computer's USB port to provide power support. Now, due to the equipment upgrade, it may require 9V DC, but the difference is not big, and the computer U port can also be competent. The question remains, what does the independent power interface do?


It turned out that the RS232 to CAN device was given the offline sending function when the engineers developed it, so a special 5-24V DC power port was integrated.


The so-called offline data sending means that the RS232 to CAN can still send the data without the connection of the computer. Because it is not connected to the U port of the computer, the RS232 to CAN must have no power support, so it must be connected to an external power supply.


As for the sent data, it is stored. Once the device is powered on, the data will be sent automatically. Are you clear now?


Premier Cable CAN bus protocol converter is an intelligent protocol converter for data exchange between CAN-bus field bus and RS232 interface.


The protocol conversion card integrates 1 RS232/RS485 channel and 1 CAN-bus channel, which can be easily embedded into the nodes that use the RS-232 interface for communication. Obtain the CAN-bus communication interface to realize the connection and data communication between the serial device and the CAN-bus network.


Premier Cable converters are compact and easy to use, making them an excellent choice for users of portable systems. Similarly, the CAN232MB intelligent protocol converter is not only suitable for basic CAN bus products, but also meets the development of CAN-bus bus products based on high-level protocols such as DeviceNet and CANopen.


Note: The Premier Cable CAN232MB converter is generally suitable for transparent conversion or transparent conversion with ID between CAN and RS232, or for communication conversion between devices.


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RS-232/422/485 to CAN Converter

RS232 RS485 to CAN BUS  Converter  

USB Can Bus OBD Diagnostic Interface

Industrial CAN-bus communication card

RS232 to CAN BUS converter Serial Port

PCAN-USB Adapter PC to CAN Bus Interface


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