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Do you know the working principle of waterproof RJ45 connector, POE ?

Do you know the working principle of waterproof RJ45 connector, POE  ?


Waterproof RJ45 connector, how POE works


The working principle of POE is to provide the original power required for the operation of the access point (wireless access point) through the (local area network) network cable.


A new power supply method that does not require a separate power cable connection, many companies have begun to apply POE to reduce the cost of building a wireless local area network, because the use of POE technology can greatly save the purchase and installation of a large number of power sockets and power cords. , and ensure the reliability of the power supply source.


In addition, POE can also allow IP phone users to continue to use the function of the phone when the power source is interrupted at ordinary times, so as to truly achieve the goal of non-stop calls during power outages.


The working principle of the waterproof RJ45 connector introduced to the POE is to allow the dc power supply to transmit power through the unused line in the cat5 cable, and it has two roles of data transmission interface and power line at the same time.


If the remote ap adopts POE, the system architecture will be simpler, the cable usage will be greatly reduced, maintenance will be easier, more convenient, and cost will be reduced.


A brief description of the waterproof RJ45 connector and the stability and safety of POE itself, it also has a remote monitoring function, no need for an adapter, and it can be used for both 110v or 220v voltage power supplies.


Therefore, in the future, more terminal products connected by Ethernet will apply POE technology


Now the waterproof RJ45 connector is widely used, and the structure is very simple. It is divided into male and female quick-connect male connectors and quick-connect female connectors. Through a variety of shells, it can be easily and quickly converted into a type of connector with waterproof and dustproof functions, which can meet the normal use in harsh environments.


An important advantage of the waterproof RJ45 connector is that it does not require any soldering of the network cable, but it can ensure that the signal is not attenuated, which is rare. At the same time, there is no need for complicated installation procedures, as long as the two standard crystal connectors are directly connected, it can work normally, which can save a lot of unnecessary wiring and wiring time, and greatly improve the working efficiency of waterproof connectors.


Waterproof RJ45 connectors are widely used, such as LED display, network card (NIC), CCTV series, hub (Hub), switch (Switch), factory automation control, communication equipment, etc.


Premier Cable is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, design, production and sales of terminal cables, electronic cables, power cables, waterproof cables and LED waterproof cables. It has many years of production experience and strong technical force. , First-class production technology, sophisticated production equipment, advanced testing instruments and perfect testing methods.


Premier Cable's full range of waterproof connectors include Circular waterproof connectors, Quick-Lock circular waterproof connectors, M8 / M12 series waterproof connectors, USB waterproof connectors, USB Charger waterproof connectors, RJ45 waterproof connectors , Cable Gland cable waterproof connector, LEV/E-bike waterproof connector for electric bicycle, NMEA 2000 marine electronic waterproof connector and other types, and have IP66, IP67, IP68 waterproof rating.


Products are widely used in various electronic products such as security, computers, communications, home appliances, electromechanical, automobiles, LEDs, etc.


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