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Waterproof USB Type-C Connector

Waterproof USB Type-C Connector


There is a large demand for USB connectors in the market, especially the demand for waterproof USB connector products continues to expand. This is because traditional USB solutions have been unable to meet the needs of consumer market products, and the current density of consumer products is getting more and more High transmission requirements, power requirements are also mentioned, and they are required to be used in more environments, and the USB type-c waterproof connector solves this problem very well.


The design requirements for waterproof USB type-c connectors can be summed up in three aspects: signal integrity, power consumption, and environmental protection, as follows:


1. Signal integrity requirements


Higher signal integrity equates to faster data rates, so choosing the USB Type-C connector product with the best signal integrity is the best policy.


In some cases, connector manufacturers can offer 10Gbps throughput based on experience with previous data products.


2. Power consumption requirements


Because USB Type-C connector products can transmit up to 100W at 5A, and Micro USB systems can transmit 10W at 5A.


Therefore, USB Type-C connector products charge faster and require higher power consumption.


3. Environmental protection requirements


To provide the environmental protection required by users, waterproof USB Type-C connectors need to have rubber seals and a seamless housing to be waterproof, and these connectors should be IP67 IP68 waterproof (according to IEC 60529) and should be durable enough It can be plugged and unplugged thousands of times.


Often added board retention features help enable a robust design of waterproof USB Type-C connectors and provide high reliability and quality.


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Premier Cable's full range of waterproof connectors include Circular waterproof connectors, Quick-Lock circular waterproof connectors, M8 / M12 series waterproof connectors, USB waterproof connectors, USB Charger waterproof connectors, RJ45 waterproof connectors , Cable Gland cable waterproof connector, LEV/E-bike waterproof connector for electric bicycle, NMEA 2000 marine electronic waterproof connector and other types, and have IP66, IP67, IP68 waterproof rating.


Products are widely used in various electronic products such as security, computers, communications, home appliances, electromechanical, automobiles, LEDs, etc.


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