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How to make a waterproof USB ?

How to make a waterproof USB


The invention relates to the field of USB design, in particular to a waterproof USB.


Background technique :


USB Universal Serial Bus (Universal Serial Bus) is widely used in the field of communication, and it is mainly installed in electronic products such as computers, computers, mobile phones and cameras to facilitate data transmission.


In daily use, electronic products often accidentally come into contact with water. Water easily enters the electronic product from the USB, resulting in short-circuit damage or poor function of the electronic product. In severe cases, it may even burn out the circuit board inside the electronic product. , causing electric shock, fire and other accidents, endangering people's lives.


In this regard, many USBs will be waterproofed. The common USB waterproofing treatment is usually to set a waterproof casing on the periphery of the USB main body. However, in this setting form, there is a large gap between the waterproof casing and the USB main body. Water is likely to flow into the interior of the electronic product through the above-mentioned gap, and the waterproof effect is poor.


Technical implementation elements:


The purpose of the present invention is to provide a waterproof USB, which can solve one or more of the above problems.


According to an aspect of the present invention, a waterproof USB is provided, comprising a waterproof case, a terminal, a terminal mounting block, an inner case and an outer shell, an opening is provided on the front of the waterproof shell, and the inner shell is embedded in the opening, The back of the waterproof case is provided with a groove and a terminal positioning groove, a terminal fixing block is arranged in the waterproof case, the terminal installation block is sleeved on the terminal, and the terminal installation block is embedded in the groove, so The terminal is provided with a first end and a second end, the first end is clamped in the terminal fixing block, the second end protrudes after passing through the terminal positioning groove, and the casing is sleeved on the waterproof casing.


The beneficial effects of the present invention are: the present invention can be applied to electronic products, when the opening in the present invention enters water, the waterproof casing can effectively prevent the water from flowing into the casing, which not only prevents the casing from short-circuiting due to contact with water, etc. , it also prevents water from entering the interior of the electronic product, ensuring the stable use of the electronic product, and the setting of the terminal mounting block can facilitate the fixing of the terminal and the use of the terminal, and the setting of the shell can facilitate the present invention to be fixed on the pcb board above, to facilitate the use of the present invention


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