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Electronic Manufacturing Service

Electronic Manufacturing Service


EMS factory is an electronic manufacturing service factory, which is commonly referred to as an electronic factory


Most factories have production lines consisting of large machines or equipment, The concept is also referred to as Electronics Contract Manufacturing ECM


In modern world history, it generally refers to capitalist machine production, that is, capitalist industrial sites that use mechanized labor instead of manual labor. ‍


Modern’s factories are also called “manufacturing plants” and “production enterprises”


EMS : Abbreviation of Electronic Manufacturing Services, that is, electronic manufacturing services, electronic professional manufacturing services, also known as ECM, Chinese also translated as professional electronic foundry services, is an emerging industry, it refers to the provision of manufacturing, procurement, part of the electronic product brand owners. 


Manufacturer of a series of services such as design and logistics.


Compared with traditional OEM or ODM services that only provide product design and OEM production, EMS manufacturers provide knowledge and management services, such as material management, logistics transportation, and even product maintenance services.


In fact, the production process involves many processes and links. EMS is a full-line service, including product development, product production, which of course includes product procurement, product quality management, and transportation logistics. Generally, EMS includes the above.


There are ems factories in many industries, not only in industries that require precision manufacturing, but also in traditional manufacturing, more and more ems factories appear.


The emergence of this kind of factory is a good thing for capital, it can create more value per unit time, and it can also reduce the use of manpower, which is a very good choice for cost saving.


There are many jobs in modern industrial development that cannot be easily completed by manpower, or cannot be completed at all. For example, the overall assembly of automobiles needs to be completed with the cooperation of large machines.


The continuous development of the electronics industry has made it possible to use electronically controlled machines to work in these industries.


When the ems factory first started, it was originally designed to reduce the harm to workers in some positions that are harmful to the human body. Later, with the advancement of technology, electronic machines can not only reduce serious injuries to workers, but also can be done in some manufacturing processes than manual ones. Better, so many industries began to use electronic machines a lot.


Premier Cable  Co. Ltd,, is a cable factory with 400 workers , we make a lot of Cable Assemblies and wire harness


We accept OEM and ODM service, we serve the cables for below industries :


Electronics Box Build


Molex Cable Assembly


Custom Cable Assembly


Box Build Cable Assemblies


Control Box Cable Assembly


Control Panel Cable Assembly




Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi 


Touch screen display solutions


Panel Wiring Cable Assemblies 


Self Service Kiosk Manufacturer 

Molex Custom Cable Assembly


Box-Build System Assembly


SMT & Box build Technology


Custom PCB Assembly Services 


self-service terminal technologies


Raspberry PI Display and Volumio 


Printed circuit board Cable assembly


Electro- Mechanical Cable Assemblies


Electronic Manufacturing Services


Electronics Contract Manufacturers


Original Equipment Manufacturers 


Electronic Components Manufacturers


Electronic Manufacturing Companies 


Electronic Manufacturing Services EMS 


Electronics Contract Manufacturing EMS 


Military Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies


Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & PCB Assembly  


Industrial design company specialising in self-service terminal technologies


Tel : 0086-0139-2949-7934

Skype : james198585 


Email :

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