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MOLEX connector performance analysis and basic knowledge

MOLEX connector performance analysis and basic knowledge

Generally, the function of the MOLEX connector is to make current flow between devices, or to transfer data.

For almost all electronic products at present, it is necessary to use connectors, but the sales of MOLEX connectors in today's electronic market are not optimistic. The main reason is that the price of MOLEX connectors is relatively high. Expensive, but it is more advantageous than other connectors in terms of performance.

Performance Analysis of MOLEX Connectors


1. Electrical properties


The main electrical properties of MOLEX connectors include insulation resistance, contact resistance and electric strength. Generally high quality MOLEX connectors should have low and stable contact resistance. Secondly, the electrical strength or compressive strength of MOLEX connectors is to characterize the ability of the connector and the shell to withstand the rated test voltage.


2. Environmental performance


The environmental performance of the MOLEX connector connector mainly refers to its environmental bearing capacity, and its MOLEX connector measurement indicators are moisture resistance, impact resistance and so on. Moisture resistance, that is, the degree of moisture resistance, refers to the fact that after the moisture enters the connector, it will reduce the insulation performance of the MOLEX connector, and it will also corrode the metal parts inside the connector. The humidity resistance of MOLEX connector connectors is 90%~95% of relative humidity, up to 98%. The lifetime is 96 hours continuously at this humidity. Heat resistance, that is, the level of ambient temperature that can be tolerated.


3. Mechanical properties


The mechanical properties of MOLEX connectors mainly depend on the use of force when inserting and pulling out, whether it will damage the life of the connector itself. The mechanical life of the MOLEX connector is an important indicator of the mechanical properties of the connector. When using the MOLEX connector, inserting and pulling out the connector within the rated force range can effectively reduce the failure of the connector and prolong the service life of the MOLEX connector.

Basic knowledge of MOLEX connector operation1. The closed height of the MOLEX connector during crimping should be correct, and it should be placed on the correct position. There should be no wire ends on the crimping head, and the air pressure should be within the maximum range.


2. Before installing the MOLEX connector, a visual inspection should be carried out to check whether the connector and its parts are damaged. If there are suspicious parts, it should be rejected. And in the connector assembly process, the correct tool must be used to prevent the safe and reliable performance of the connector.


3. After the MOLEX connector is crimped, its appearance should be inspected, and the next step can be performed after confirming that it is correct, otherwise it will easily lead to the failure of the MOLEX connector.


4. Do not tighten or stretch the wire to exert force on the joint of the MOLEX connector, otherwise the connector will be damaged due to damage to the terminal contact or the joint of the wire.

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