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What is waterproof connector and what is the advantages ?

What is waterproof connector and what is the advantages ?

Waterproof connector


A waterproof connector is a connector that can be used in an environment with water, and can ensure that the mechanical properties and electrical properties of the connector can be used normally under a certain water pressure.


The waterproof connector is a plug with waterproof performance, and can provide safe and reliable connection of electricity and signals. 


For example: LED street lights, LED drive power, LED display, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communication equipment, detection equipment, commercial plazas, roads, villa exterior walls, gardens, parks, swimming pools, etc., all need to use waterproof sockets.


Protection class system



Classify electrical appliances according to their dust-proof and moisture-proof properties. The foreign objects referred to here include tools. People's palms and fingers should not touch the live parts of the electrical appliance to avoid electric shock.

The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the degree of dust separation and foreign intrusion prevention of the electrical appliance. The second number indicates the degree of airtightness of the electrical appliance against moisture and water intrusion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. high


Scope of application


Industrial environment

Such as LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting projects, lighthouses, cruise ships, aviation, industrial equipment, cables, sprinklers, etc., all need to use waterproof connectors

Military field

Due to the strict application requirements, a large number of waterproof connectors are used, such as connectors for submarines, connectors for submarine-launched missiles, etc.

As a prefabricated component often touched by professional and technical personnel in the field of electronic information technology in the industrial field, the waterproof connector plays the role of connection. Bridge, so that the total flow of electricity is a commodity circulation enterprise.


The arrival of the industrial stage of intelligent systems has also brought opportunities for industrial connectors, especially in the fields of industrial automation control, service robots and motor control, focusing on the connector industry and promoting the development prospects of connector market sales.

An important core advantage of waterproof connectors is that they can provide solutions for distributed architecture fully automatic control systems.

In short, the distributed architecture fully automatic automatic control system generally has an industrial touch screen for human control and operation and maintenance service system software, uses a communication network for connection, and connects to a programmable controller based on big data technology.

This type of controller is then connected to different control modules involved in the automatic control operation, such as actuators, motors, sensors, main power switches and shut-off valves, according to the electronic computer socket.

The development trend of load connectors will be a major innovative development and development trend of connectors in industrial applications. It has established a high-quality foundation for the development trend of everyone's industry, and also provided great convenience and speed for everyone's daily life. .

The development trend and development trend of industrial connectors, pioneering and enterprising, are constantly humanized and intelligent.

The important function of the waterproof connector is the connection in the middle of the industrial liquid container. It is necessary to integrate the industrial connector. The new design of the industrial connector not only changes the disappearance of the consumables of the industrial connector, but also changes the The problem of inconvenient installation of industrial connectors is also a new milestone in the development trend of industrial connectors.


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