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What does rs485 mean, What is the role of rs485

What does rs485 mean , What is the role of rs485 ?
1. What does rs485 mean ?


rs485 (smart meter) was developed with the maturity of single-chip technology in the early 1980s, and now the world meter market is basically monopolized by smart meters. The reason is the need for enterprise informatization. One of the necessary conditions for enterprises to select instruments is to have a networked communication interface. At first, it was a simple process quantity for data analog signal output. Later, the instrument interface was RS232 interface. This interface can realize point-to-point communication, but this method cannot realize networking function. The subsequent emergence of RS485 solved this problem.

2. What is the role of rs485 ?


1. The RS485 hub is a high-performance photoelectric isolation reinforced multi-function RS485 interface hub;


2. The product is equipped with an external power supply, which has the characteristics of small size, long transmission distance, high speed and stable performance;


3. Compatible with RS-232, RS-485TIA/EIA standards;


4. Automatically send/receive data, without external flow control signal, three-wire (TXD.RXD.GND) communication;


5. Support 300-115200BPS baud rate communication, baud rate adaptive, not limited by communication protocol;


6. One channel RS232 or RS485 signal input, four channels RS485 signal output. Its communication distance exceeds 3000 meters;


7. Each channel supports nodes: a maximum of 128 nodes are supported;


8. Industrial-grade photoelectric isolation: Provide 2.5KVrms photoelectric isolation for all RS-485 interfaces, effectively solving the transmission problems caused by external lightning surges and ground potential differences;


9. Data flow direction control, solve the data flow problem through hardware, automatically identify and control the data transmission direction, and automatically isolate the fault interface;


10. Provide a more flexible RS-485/RS-422 star bus structure, RS-485 interface input and output are all driven independently, changing the single structure of the original bus to a network structure, which is beneficial to engineering construction and system. Stability brings great benefits.


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