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In practical control projects with PLC as the core, the vast majority of cases cannot do without the cooperation of touch screens or upper computers. Because we use PLC for control, the main task is to process some analog quantities, which are the values we need to monitor, such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc. on the equipment. Then, based on these detected values, we can control the electric valves, fans, water pumps, etc. on the equipment according to some conditions. But these values cannot be seen directly from the PLC. To see these values, you need to use a touch screen or industrial computer (which is actually a computer).


Touch Screen PLC RS232 RS485 Serial Cable


After we connect the touch screen to the PLC, we can see the data we want to see on the touch screen. In addition to data, various controlled objects on on-site devices can also be controlled through touch screens. For example, if we configure a switch on the touch screen, just click on this switch on the touch screen to start a motor on the on-site device.


FTDI USB Toushscreen Monitor Control Cable


Touch screens usually have a communication interface, which is used for communication with PLCs. The interface forms are mainly divided into three types: RS232, RS485, and Ethernet. It should be noted that the form of this interface must be the same as that of the PLC interface, which means that this interface is RS485. When connected to the PLC, the PLC interface must also be RS485.


FTDI USB to USB-C Serial Cables for Industrial Displays and Workstations


Premier Cable is a professional wire harness assembly supplier specializing in FTDI Serial Communication Cable, providing serial port cables with different interfaces such as USB, DB9, RJ45, etc. There is no theory whether you want RS232 or RS485, and you can find your own customized solutions on Premier Cable. Welcome to leave a message now to learn more!


USB to RJ45 Serial RS232 Touch Screen Converter Module Cable


Resistive Touchscreen Controller USB Cable with FTDI Chip

Touch Screen Monitor RS232 Controller Cable

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