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What is the terminal block application?

In the electronic and electrical industry, terminals, also known as connectors, are components that provide the connection of internal circuits and external wires and cables of equipment. It is generally used at the access interface of equipment to connect external cables. Of course, it is also used for the connection between different circuit modules in the circuit and the connection between different electrical components in the equipment.

Terminal blocks are gradually widely used in various fields, playing a connecting role in transmitting electrical signals and conducting electricity, thus reducing the consumption of workload and production costs, bringing many convenience to production and use, and avoiding many troubles. So as to simplify the product structure and save the manufacturing cost.

"Terminal board" is also widely referred to as terminal board, group box, group tray, etc. It is actually composed of an insulating base and a live device. It can be used in the input wiring of heating inlet, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, telephone, fax machine, etc.



Aplication of Terminal Block

(1) Houshold electrical appliances: such as electric fans, air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens, ovens, telephones, fax machines, audio, lighting output and input wiring, etc.


(2) Alarm security system: such as home security system, anti-theft device, dimmer, fire alarm, lighting equipment, warning device, etc.


(3) Electrical and electronic products: such as industrial computer, UPS uninterruptible power system, power supply, electric translation switch, electric meter, counter, output and input power terminals of electric hand tools, etc.

(4) All kinds of machinery and equipment: such as distribution boards, generators, transformers, frequency converters, motors, aircraft, ships, vehicles, elevators, food machines, cash registers, automatic instruments and meters for plastic injection molding machines, etc.


(5) Engineering control equipment: such as electromechanical systems of power plants, petrochemical and mass transportation systems, refrigeration and air-conditioning ventilation equipment, programmable controllers, traffic signs, control panels of sewage treatment systems, communication bases, and control systems of production and assembly lines.


( 6 ) Environmental protection and green energy industry: solar power generation units, solar modules, solar cells, wind power plants, wind power generation units, LED lighting, LED lamps, LED street lamps.

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