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What is the difference between Huawei's 5G and Qualcomm and Ericsson's 5G?

What is the difference between Huawei's 5G and Qualcomm and Ericsson's 5G?

Strictly speaking, although Huawei's 5G and Qualcomm and Ericsson's 5G are both 5G (compliant with 5G standards), the difference is still quite big. After all, the three companies are all making products. Qualcomm makes 5G terminals, that is, 5G baseband, which is aimed at the mobile phone consumer market. Ericsson makes 5G communication equipment and deals with operators such as mobile and telecommunications, while Huawei is a whole industry chain. Like Ericsson, it makes 5G communication equipment. It also does 5G baseband like Qualcomm, and has opened up the front-end and terminal. In terms of industrial capabilities and influence, it is currently the strongest.


The biggest advantage of Huawei's 5G front-end and terminal is that it can speed up the deployment of 5G. The deployment of 5G is not as ordinary people think. Install the base station, plug in the antenna, turn on the power, press the switch, and everything is OK. The off-site test includes three major parts: the core network, the base station and the terminal. The purpose is to eliminate technical disputes, so that the equipment can meet the 3GPP specifications and exert 5G performance. To give an easy-to-understand example, when the on-site test transmission data does not meet the standard, it needs to be analyzed. Is it a base station problem or a mobile phone problem.




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