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Introduction of RS232 Programming Cable

For the system with RS232 Programming Cable bandwidth of 10MHz, the sampling frequency is greater than 25MHz. The RS232 Programming Cable is required to have 2500MIPS of computing processing capability, which is far from meeting the signal environment requirements to be processed by the RF front-end.

RS232 Programming Cable manufacturers

Even if RS232 Programming Cable has A/D converters that can meet the bandwidth and dynamic range requirements, their power requirements will still hinder the use of mobile terminals.

The software radio station and RS232 Programming Cable developed at the current stage cannot adopt the ideal structure of full frequency band digitization, but adopt the practical structure of partial frequency band digitization of Rf front end.

To sum up, software radio and RS232 Programming Cable have two meanings: one is the radio frequency (RF) front end, and the other is digital signal processing; its core components are broadband A/D/A converters and high-speed DSP chips.

Through the above introduction and analysis of RS232 Programming Cable, hope it helps you.

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