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The architecture of Radio Programming Cable

At present, the software Radio Programming Cable has been paid more and more attention in the civil field. The main reason is that the technical standards of the current communication system are diverse, and the various technical standards and the corresponding systems are difficult to be compatible, and it is difficult to use a unified device to achieve. The radiofrequency part, up/down conversion, filtering and baseband processing of the traditional analog radio system all adopt the analog mode, and the communication system of a certain frequency band and a certain modulation mode corresponds to a special hard structure; while the low-frequency part of the digital radio system adopts digital circuits ( For example, the local oscillator uses a digital frequency synthesizer, source coding and decoding, and modulation and demodulation are completed by a dedicated chip), but its radio frequency and intermediate frequency parts are still inseparable from analog circuits.

Radio Programming Cable products

Compared with the traditional radio system, the A/D/A conversion of the Radio Programming Cable system is moved to the intermediate frequency, and as close as possible to the RF end, the entire system frequency band is sampled, that is, the digital processing starts from the intermediate frequency (or even the radio frequency). It is a prominent feature of Radio Programming Cable. Digital radio uses dedicated digital circuits to achieve a single communication function without programmability. The software Radio Programming Cable replaces the dedicated digital circuit with a DSP device with strong programmability, so that the system hardware structure and function are relatively independent. In this way, based on a relatively common hardware platform, different communication functions can be realized through the software Radio Programming Cable, and the operating frequency, system bandwidth, modulation mode, source code, etc. can be programmed and controlled. Radio Programming Cable greatly enhances system flexibility.

Through the above introduction and analysis of Radio Programming Cable, hope it helps you.

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