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CN 50pin IDC RJ11 6P4C cable manufacturers teach you how to use the data cable correctly

The manufacturer of CN 50pin IDC RJ11 6P4C cable tells you that an original data cable can easily cost hundreds of dollars, so how should we maintain it and what should we pay attention to in daily use?

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Notes for daily use:
1. Avoid getting close to heat sources
The manufacturer of CN 50pin IDC RJ11 6P4C cable tells you that because most of the data cables are made of TPE, they will expand and contract when they are close to the heat source, so it is easy to break if repeated too many times. Try to avoid contact with heat sources, such as hot computer hosts, mobile Power supply, heater, etc.
2. Gently plug and unplug
Gently plug and unplug to avoid violent use and prolong the use time.
3. Add a protective cover at the end of the net
The manufacturer of CN 50pin IDC RJ11 6P4C cable tells you that the end of the net is the most easily broken place. It is best to add a protective shell to avoid bending to prevent short circuit and leakage caused by breaking.
What to do if there is dirt
1: The manufacturer of CN 50pin IDC RJ11 6P4C cable tells you that there will be dirt after using it for a long time. The easiest way is to wipe it with a hot towel, pour warm water between 40~60 degrees on the towel, and wring it out slightly. Wipe back and forth on the data line.
2: If the data cable is yellow and dirty, you can wipe it back and forth with toothpaste, which can easily remove stubborn dirt.
3: The makeup remover used by girls is also a cleaning artifact. Dip the makeup remover in the makeup remover, wipe it back and forth, and it will be as clean as new!
The manufacturer of CN 50pin IDC RJ11 6P4C cable tells you that as a professional manufacturer of designing and producing data cables, I hope everyone will cherish their data cables and use them correctly and reasonably!

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