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DB9 Curly Cable manufacturers take you to understand the way to test the quality of serial cable

The DB9 Curly Cable manufacturer tells you that the cables of the DB9 port are commonly used in serial communication. The following DB9 Curly Cable manufacturers will show you how to test the quality of the serial cable.

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1. Use a multimeter
The DB9 Curly Cable manufacturer tells you that for male to male, you can directly use a multimeter to test whether the two ends are connected, and you can judge, and you can measure the 2/3/5 pins. To measure the female head, it is necessary to put the multimeter into the pin air. Because the measuring end of the multimeter is relatively thick, it is necessary to solder two relatively thin metal pins, or pins of a resistor, etc. on the multimeter pins, so as to facilitate the measurement of the female head, using Turn on the multimeter and measure 2/3/5 of the serial port cable. The DB9 Curly Cable manufacturer tells you that when measuring, the straight line, 2/3/5 corresponds to 2/3/5, and the crossover line is 2 to 3, 3 to 2, and 5 to 5 for measurement (that is, the 2 at one end of the cross serial port is measured at the other end. 3).
2. Use serial port assistant
The DB9 Curly Cable manufacturer tells you that the serial port realizes sending and receiving, RXD is connected to TXD, TXD is connected to RXD, use the serial port assistant, short the 2/3 pins of DB9, and use the serial port assistant to send data, if there is no problem with the serial port, it can be achieved spontaneously receive.

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