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Gigabit Network Card for UPS network management

SNMP network monitoring card


UPS Network Management Card


Ethernet RJ45 connector for UPS system


RJ45 Port for Uninterruptible Power Supply system


Gigabit Network Card for UPS network management 


Remote UPS Management Can control and monitor multiple UPS through RJ-45 interface Display UPS data (voltage, frequency, load level, battery capacity) in real-time and dynamic graphical interface Can be sent through sound and light alarm, broadcast, mobile messenger, SNMPtrap and email Send warning notifications Can store historical data in the database of the terminal computer Simple firmware update Has password security protection and remote access management functions Supports environmental detection devices such as temperature, humidity and smoke (optional)


Product Features


Real-time monitoring function


The UPS can be controlled through the network interface, and the UPS data (voltage, frequency, load level, battery capacity) can be displayed in a real-time and dynamic graphical interface, and the warning notification can be sent through mobile messenger, SNMP trap, and email, and the historical data can be sent Stored in the database of the terminal computer.


Mains power interruption server automatic shutdown function


Install the shutdown client on the server to communicate with the SNMP network management card in real time. When the mains power is interrupted, the server will be automatically controlled to save and shut down before the UPS battery is fully discharged, so as to avoid data loss and damage caused by the shutdown of the server after the UPS battery is discharged and the power supply is interrupted. The hardware is damaged. The system can customize the delayed shutdown strategy of the server after the utility power is interrupted. The shutdown client can support all kinds of WINDOWS, LINUX, UNUX operating system servers.


Switch schedule


The SNMP network management card can set the automatic shutdown function of the UPS periodically or on a specific date, and the server can be saved and shut down through the shutdown client before the UPS shutdown. To meet the specific occasions that require frequent power on and off.


Server network wake-up function


The SNMP network management card has the function of wake-up on network. After the mains power is interrupted or the scheduled shutdown control task control server is shut down, the SNMP card can automatically send the network wake-up command to wake up the server to start up when the mains power is restored or the scheduled startup time is reached (server support is required) and turn on Wake-on-LAN).


Centralized monitoring function


It is possible to conduct centralized monitoring, control and management of up to 1,000 UPS through the UPS centralized monitoring and management system, and remotely control UPS power on and off, battery testing and other operations.

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