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Neutrik HDMI chassis socket

Premier Cable CO LTD,, is a company specializing in providing auxiliary materials, consumables, accessories and other products and services for the audio-visual industry.

The company's products are widely used in radio and television media, theater theater concert halls, hotel multi-purpose halls, LED audio factories, exhibition stadiums, bar entertainment venues, performance rental markets, weak current building intelligence, and civilian fever, personal wear and other places. Professional customer praise and recognition

We are determined to become an excellent supplier of auxiliary materials, consumables and accessories in the audio-visual industry, providing customers with high-quality and most valuable one-stop procurement services.

Our products include: audio and video cables, plugs and sockets, information box panels, cable boxes, cable cars, audiophile accessories cables & fiber optic HDMI cables and a variety of finished cable customization.

Our company has formed strategic partners with excellent brands at home and abroad

Switzerland NEUTRIK


USB Patch Panel

CAT3 Patch Panel

HDMI Patch Panel 

Audio Patch Panel

Video Patch Panel

Neutrik NA HDMI-W Stecker

Neutrik HDMI chassis socket

HDMI patch panel 19 inch rackmount 


Neutrik NA HDMI-W SteckerNeutrik HDMI chassis socketHDMI patch panel 19 inch rackmount HDMI Patch Panel

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