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What are LED Grow lights ? What are the characteristics ?

What are LED Grow lights  ?   What are the characteristics  ?


LED  Grow light is a kind of LED Grow growth light, which is a LED Grow growth light made of LED (light emitting diode) material.


LED Grow growth lights are light sources that use artificial light supplementation measures in the process of LED Grow growth and when natural light is insufficient. Fluorescent lamps and sodium lamps are widely used, but due to light efficiency and pollution, they are now gradually replaced by LED  Grow growth lights. replaced.


Principle of LED grow light


It is made according to the principle of sunlight required for LED Grow growth and photosynthesis. LED Grow photosynthesis is mainly based on absorbing red and blue light. Therefore, LED  Grow lights are also mainly based on red and blue lamp beads.


LED Grows stunted, withered leaves, and stopped growing in the presence of insufficient light. If the corresponding artificial light supplement measures are not taken, it will directly bring huge economic losses. As a new light source for LED Grow supplement light, LED  Grow lights can not only supplement light for LED Grows, but also completely replace sunlight to provide LED Grows with the necessary photosynthesis. spectrum.


LED Grow Light Features


(1) The wavelength types of LED  Grow lights are rich, and they can be made into the spectrum required by LED Grows that match the spectral range of LED Grow photomorphology.


(2) LED grow lights can provide LED Grows with the wavelength range required for specific LED Grow growth,


(3) The LED  Grow growth lamp generates less heat, the light decay is relatively slow, and the service life can be as long as more than 50,000 hours.


(4) High light conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection


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