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USB-CAN Analyzer

USB-CAN Analyzer


Premier Cable CO LTD USBCAN analyzer is a tool for CAN bus product development and CAN bus data analysis.


USBCAN analyzer, the computer can be quickly connected to the CAN bus network through the USB interface, forming a CAN bus network control node for data processing and data acquisition in the CAN bus network field


The USBCAN analyzer has a compact size. With the features of plug and play, rich practical functions and easy operation, it is also a high-quality choice for users of portable systems such as project development, debugging, analysis, and monitoring.


The USBCAN analyzer integrates 1 or 2 CAN interfaces conforming to the IS011898 standard, supports CAN2.0A/B frame format, can meet the needs of different customers, and the CAN bus interface has integrated electrical isolation protection Overcurrent/overvoltage can cause damage to equipment and enhance the reliability of the system in harsh environments.


The USBCAN analyzer supports any CAN bus standard or custom protocol, and can use ECAN Tools, CAN Test, CAN Pro and other software. Following the rich and practical functions of offline, data triggering, DBC loading analysis, standard protocol analysis, and drawing graph curves, flexible use of various functions of the software can help engineers complete their work better and faster, thereby speeding up the project process.


All model series support secondary development, support Windows platform including WinCE, provide secondary development dynamic and static link libraries, provide development routines and routine source codes, library functions are easy to use, users can quickly apply our USBCAN devices In our own projects, if there is a problem in the secondary development, we will provide technical support; if the user does not have the ability to develop, we can customize it to our OEM. Provide VB, VC, EVC, .NET, Labview and other example programs and source codes.


Premier Cable CO LTD is a cable factory with 400 workers, we also make USB serial cable ,  USB to RS232 RS485 cable, OEM Cable and Wire Harness


For different application, we also make the DB9 connector and RS232 Cable angled,  like right angle RS232 Cable, left angle RS232 Cable, up angle RS232 Cable, down angle RS232 Cable


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Our cables can be used for below industry or applications :


CAN converter

CAN Bus analyzer

CAN bus network

Series USB to CAN 

Can Bus Converter

USB to Can Adapter

USB CAN-FD Adapter

OBD CAN Bus analyzer

USB CAN Bus analyzer

USBCAN-OBD adapter



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