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What is CAN protocol

What is CAN protocol  ?


CAN protocol, namely Controller Area Network (CAN, Controller Area Network), is a serial communication protocol bus for real-time applications. It can use twisted pair to transmit signals. It is one of the most widely used field buses in the world 


The CAN protocol is used to communicate between the various components in the car, replacing expensive and bulky power distribution wiring harnesses.


The robustness of this protocol extends its use to other automation and industrial applications.


Features of the CAN protocol include complete serial data communication, real-time support, transmission rates up to 1Mb/s, 11-bit addressing and error detection capabilities.


Features of CAN bus :


(1) It has the advantages of strong real-time performance, long transmission distance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, and low cost;


(2) It adopts two-wire serial communication mode, which has strong error detection ability and can work in high noise interference environment;


(3) With priority and arbitration functions, multiple control modules are connected to the CAN-bus through the CAN controller to form a multi-host local network;


(4) The message can be received or blocked according to the ID of the message;


(5) Reliable error handling and error detection mechanism;


(6) After the information sent is damaged, it can be automatically re-sent;


(7) The node has the function of automatically exiting the bus when the error is serious;


(8) The message does not contain the source address or the destination address, and only uses the identifier to indicate the function information and priority information.


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