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SMB Cable manufacturers will show you: the four major brand strategies of small and medium-sized wire and cable companies

Cable material. SMB Cable manufacturers tell you that the cable material is an important factor in determining the quality and characteristics of the cable. Many listed cable companies extend to the upstream cable material industry, including environmentally friendly, new material-based cable materials, such as graphene cables.

customized SMB Cable from China manufacturer
Cable production. SMB Cable manufacturers tell you that the products of listed cable companies are mainly concentrated in the fields of traditional cables such as electric power, rail transit and photovoltaics. However, in the past two years, listed companies have continued to expand special cables such as charging pile cables, nuclear power cables, submarine cables and aerospace cables.
Cable sales. SMB Cable manufacturers tell you that under the tide of "Internet +", cable listed companies have deployed electric power e-commerce platforms.
service. SMB Cable manufacturers tell you that some listed cable companies quickly cut into the downstream involved and construction links through mergers and acquisitions, thereby transforming the production of service-oriented cable companies.
Downstream industry. A number of listed cable companies have extended to downstream industries on the basis of the original cable industry, involving charging piles, power transmission and transformation equipment, wind power equipment and other fields.
SMB Cable manufacturers tell you that according to the industrial chain layout of listed cable companies, there are currently four major strategic development directions for listed cable companies, which are technology rooted, market rooted, equal emphasis on technology and market, and diversified development strategy.
Take root in upstream technology. SMB Cable manufacturers tell you that it is the strategic direction of some listed cable companies to focus on special cables and seize the commanding heights of technology.
The market takes root. SMB Cable manufacturers tell you to take root in the downstream market, enter the customer value chain, and become a system solution service provider. Technology and market are equally important. Star Cable insists on special cables as its core, technological innovation as its support, pays attention to cutting-edge technologies in the industry, and continues to increase R&D investment to seize the commanding heights of technology. To become the largest and strongest comprehensive solution service provider in the special cable industry in China.
Diversified development. SMB Cable manufacturers tell you that some companies, with special wire and cable manufacturing as their core, steadily develop supply chain financial services such as financial leasing and commercial factoring, and actively deploy new energy, Internet and other emerging industries.

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