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Multimedia Panel

Multimedia Panel


Multimedia panels are a conversion device that has gradually become popular in high-end hotel rooms in recent years.


This device is mainly used in hotel rooms to cooperate with the hotel TV, and transfer some interfaces on the back and side of the hotel TV to the desktop, so that hotel guests can connect their own devices to the TV for playback.


The multimedia panel makes full use of the super audio and video functions of the guest room TV, and uses its good sound quality and picture quality to maximize the expansion. Guests can use their own digital cameras, notebooks and other equipment to connect to the multimedia panel, and then they can use the guest room TV. Enjoy your favorite photos, audio and video materials on the Internet, and at the same time, it also provides more convenient and practical additional functions such as USB charging, RJ45 broadband port, AC power interface, etc. Its humanized design concept is beyond imagination.


Technical Parameter 


VGA interface : can be connected to laptops, netbooks and other devices


3.5mm audio interface : can be connected to MP3, MP4, Ipod, laptop and other devices


AV interface : can be connected to MP4, IPhone, mobile DVD and other devices


HDMI interface : can be connected to newer cameras, mobile phones and other devices with HDMI interface


USB interface : It can be connected to various devices with USB interface, and can also output 5V voltage through the USB port to charge the connected device.


RJ45 interface : can be connected to the notebook to provide Internet services


Power interface : two power modules of different standards can be provided upon request


Premier Cable is a factory based in Dong Guan to make cables for all the Multimedia Panel,  Wall Plate , Face Plate , Custom plate , Custom Panel 


Our cable including  :


USB Panel-Mount Cable 


VGA Panel-Mount Cable 


Panel Mount Ethernet Cable 


3.5mm Stereo Panel Mount Cable


Panel-Mounted RJ45 Ethernet cable 


All the cables are used for below Multimedia Panel,  Wall Plate , Face Plate



DisplayPort Wall Plate 

HDMI Wall Plate 

Custom Wall Plate

USB Wall Plate 

RCA Wall Plate 

VGA Wall Plate 

DVI Wall Plate 

XLR Wall Plate 
Optical Wall Plate 

SVideo Wall Plate 

Speaker Wall Plate 

3.5mm Audio Wall Plate 

Stainless Wall Plate 

Antenna Wall Plate 

Data Wall Plate 

BNC Wall Plate 

Wall Plate Accessories

USB port to your plate, panel, or bulkhead 

Panel mount cables for DVI, HDMI, and Displayport interface 


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