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Tower Mounted Amplifier

Tower Mounted Amplifier


The tower top amplifier is a low noise amplifier installed at the top of the tower immediately after the receiving antenna. It can amplify the received signal by nearly 12dB before it enters the feeder, improving the uplink signal quality, improving call reliability and voice quality, and at the same time. Expand community coverage.


When the user is located outside the coverage area of ​​the cell and may drop the call, it is very advantageous to use the tower top amplifier. The application is to combine tower top amplifiers and power amplifiers to form a coverage extension system.


Product Description

There are two types of tower top amplifiers, one is called TMA, which is a one-way amplifier, which only supports uplink, and the other is called TMB, which is a two-way amplifier and supports both uplink and downlink.


Whether it is TMA or TMB, its function is to improve the balance of uplink and downlink, and it is used in areas where the traffic volume is not large and the coverage needs to be expanded.


TMA only has an uplink low noise amplifier, which can effectively reduce the upper and lower bottom noise by about 12DB, and can effectively improve the coverage effect of the uplink. It is usually used in conjunction with base station amplifiers.


It is important to point out that the tower amplifier only amplifies the uplink signal. Only when the base station uplink/reverse is limited (the downlink level is better than the uplink), the addition of the tower amplifier can expand the cell coverage area.


The base amplifier (base station amplifier) ​​traditionally amplifies the downlink signal. The base station's own baseband transmit power is more and more adjustable, and each operator has built a high-quality network. The density of base stations has increased, and the base amplifier has gradually withdrawn from the market. Mainly used in remote suburbs, and low traffic areas such as individual roads.


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