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Ericsson (Telefonaktiebolaget L.M.Ericsson) was established in Sweden in 1876 and has a history of 125 years.


Ericsson has produced telephone sets and telephone switches in the early days, and has become the world's leading manufacturer of end-to-end comprehensive communication solutions. It has more than 100,000 employees and provides users with comprehensive communication solutions and services in more than 140 countries around the world.


Its main businesses are mobile communication systems, multi-service networks, consumer communication products, data backbone and fiber optic networks, Internet applications and solutions, enterprise network solutions and global services.


Ericsson is the world's largest mobile communication network provider, occupying 30% of the global mobile system market share and 40% of the GSM market share. 40% of the world's mobile calls are made through Ericsson's system. Ericsson is also the only company in the world that supports all second-generation and third-generation mobile communication standard providers


1. Basic introduction of Ericsson base station equipment


1. Specific classification of RBS2000 series base station equipment


Ericsson base station Main types: RBS2202 series, RBS2206 series, micro-peak nest series, outdoor station series.


RBS2101-RBS2103 series


This type of equipment belongs to the type of outdoor installation. This type of base station equipment is mainly designed for use in outdoor environments. In addition to the main equipment, there are auxiliary equipment such as air conditioning, temperature control, and power supply. Usually, an independent power supply is used to work. Anti-rain, anti-frost, etc., is the best choice for outdoor equipment.


However, it is greatly interfered by the outside world, which is not conducive to the stability of the network. The models of this series are hardly used in the models adopted by GSM operators in our country.


RBS2202 series

This type of equipment belongs to the equipment installed indoors. The structure is simpler than that of the RBS2100 series equipment. This series is the main Ericsson equipment type adopted by our country's GSM operators.


RBS2301, RBS2302, RBS2402, MAXITE series devices of this type are microcellular devices, which can be installed indoors and outdoors, and can be used independently for power supply. They are small in size and flexible and convenient to install. Mainly used in street coverage, indoor coverage, etc.


RBS2206 series

This type of equipment is for indoor installation.


RBS2206 is a kind of indoor macro cell base station equipment, each cabinet can support up to 12 transceivers. The rack has the same footprint as the RBS2202, the rack's carrier capacity is also double that of the RBS2202 thanks to new double-capacity transceivers and combiners, and its "dual transceiver" - dTRU - is the same size as the current single TRU , but contains two transceivers in one unit


Premier Cable is a factory based in Dong Guan City to make antenna cables for Telecom industry and Base Station 


We make a lot of different AISG Cables like below :


AISG Y Split Cable 
AISG right angle Cable
AISG daisy chain Cable
ESC antenna AISG Cable

AISG DB9 Huawei ESC cable 

AISG Tower Mounted Amplifier cable 
AISG 2.0 Base Station Connection Cable 



All the AISG Cable we make are full IP67 rated and according to IEC 60130-9 standard

All the cables are fully compatible with below brand antennas  :



ZTE AISG Cable ,  ZTE AISG Ret Control Cable 

Lumberg AISG cable,  Lumberg AISG connector


Comba RET Control Cable ,  Comba antenna AISG cable


Mobi antenna AISG cable  , Mobi Antenna RET Control Cable


Kathrein RET Control Cable ,  Kathrein Antenna AISG cable


Kathrein Antenna AISG cable,    Kathrein Antenna RET Control Cable

Ericsson Ret Cable ,   Ericsson AISG Cable  , Ericsson Antenna RET Control Cable



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