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AISG 2.0 protocol

AISG 2.0 protocol


1. What is AISG


The full name of the AISG agreement is Antenna Interface Standards Group


Due to the lack of compatibility between products of different manufacturers of ESC antenna systems, they cannot achieve interoperability. For example, the ESC antenna equipment produced by one manufacturer cannot be fully connected with the base station system provided by another supplier, so that mobile operators cannot integrate different manufacturers. The product builds an overall ESC antenna system to achieve the highest cost performance, but also brings uncertainty to the investment of antenna product suppliers and base station system suppliers.


Based on the above reasons, the world's mainstream antenna product manufacturers and base station system suppliers such as Kathleen, Huawei, and Andrews established an ESC antenna equipment standard organization in November 2001, Antenna Interface Standards Group, AISG, and released Version 1.0 of the AISG protocol was released.


Although this version has many problems and has not been widely used, it has played an epoch-making role in the internationalization of ESC antenna equipment standards.

The AISGV1.1 standard protocol was released in June 2004


In June 2006, AISG released the AISG V2.0 standard protocol


The latest standard AISG-APCCv3.0 was released in May 2015


At present, the AISG organization is working on developing some other extended standards to better solve the interoperability between ESC antenna equipment and control equipment and software of different manufacturers, and realize the remote monitoring of ESC antenna equipment.


As of December 23, 2015, AISG has more than 50 members. Including communication operators, ESC antenna system manufacturers, antenna product suppliers, etc.



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