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Thrustmaster wheel cable

Thrustmaster - a French professional brand, the company was established in 1992 and has become a brand of the Guillemot Group since 1999.


It is mainly engaged in the design and production of hardware and accessories for computers and game consoles.


There is technology and technical expertise to bring to the video game accessories market.


For nearly two decades, Thrustmaster has developed solutions to satisfy and entertain every type of player.


Products that create high-precision gaming experiences, such as racing steering wheels and flight joysticks, as well as numerous fun game controllers.


Numerous Thrustmaster steering wheels have become the undisputed benchmark steering wheels for various gaming platforms.

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Steering wheel: T150 force feedback steering wheel, T300RS GT version force feedback steering wheel, T300RS force feedback steering wheel, T3PA PRO pedals, T80 steering wheel, TH8A manual gear, TS-PC racing steering wheel, TX Ferrari 458 steering wheel, Ferrari red legend steering wheel

Joysticks: A10C Warthog Two-handed Joystick, T Flight Hotas X Two-handed Joystick, T.16000M FCS Upgraded Hall Magnetic Induction Joystick, T.Flight HOTAS 4 Two-handed Joystick, TFRP Flight Steer, TWCS Throttle Valve

Gamepad: Dual Analog 4, GP XID

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