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Introduction and application knowledge of RJ45 waterproof connector

Introduction and application knowledge of RJ45 waterproof connector



RJ45 waterproof connector has a wide range of applications in various electrical engineering. Its function is to serve electronic connectors. Through RJ45 waterproof connector​ a permanent link


Features of RJ45 waterproof connector :


Comply with IEC61000-4-5 lightning surge protection standard

10/700us-5/320us communication combined wave differential mode 4KV, common mode 6KV surge protection capability 

Comply with IEC61000-4-2 electrostatic discharge protection standard, electrostatic protection capability of contact plus or minus 30kV and air plus or minus 30kV 


Meet the withstand voltage test of 1500V AC & 2250V DC 6S 1mA 

High reliability, in line with the network port high temperature 85 ℃ no loss test 


Application of RJ45 waterproof connector: PC, smart TV, industrial control automation, smart home, communication, security products, smart instrumentation, Internet of Things, smart city control system, new energy control system


Premier Cable make Waterproof cables for more than 15 years,  all the cable pass IP67 waterproof standard test

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