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NMEA 2000 Single Tee Piece Connector - Premier Cable

As your NMEA 2000 network expands beyond the 3 device limit of our NMEA 2000 Starter Kit, you can add additional devices using one of our single T-pieces. Using the Male > Female > Female connector, multiple tees can be plugged together or added to the 4-way tees included in the starter kit. The lower "breakout cable" connector is female so there are no exposed pins when the breakout cable is removed.


NMEA 2000 Single T-Piece Connector


Premier Cable can supply NMEA 2000 cables and connectors to expand your NMEA 2000 to any size you need - up to a limit of 50 NMEA 2000 devices.



The maximum length of a single branch cable is 6m, and the total length of all branch cables must be less than 76m. Note that Premier Cable's "Drop Cables" can also be used as backbone cables and can be easily connected together to make any length of backbone cable desired.



Premier Cable uses NMEA2000 miniature connectors on cables and connectors that are universal and compatible with other manufacturers' NMEA2000 products.


2-way connector NMEA 2000 IP68 If you would like more information on NMEA 2000, please leave your comment or email at




NMEA 2000 single tee

Standard "Micro C" connector makes future network expansion very easy

Metal Connectors Improve Reliability

Waterproof grade IP68


NMEA 2000 IP67 Waterproof Connector Oil Resistant 3 Port T Connector M12 NMEA 2000 4 Port Tee Connector M12 IP67  Multiport NMEA 2000 T Connector 5-Way  



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