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Sartorius Laboratory Electronic Scale Serial Communication Cable

The Sartorius electronic balance is a precision electronic measuring instrument that is highly sensitive to the environment. When using it, should be care taken to operate it. The installation table should be free of obvious vibration and should not be placed at the air conditioning outlet. If these conditions cannot be met, some improvement measures should be taken, such as changing the use location, installing a windshield, etc. At the same time, attention should be paid to adjusting the bottom corner screws to center the bubbles of the level indicator. One of the reasons for weighing errors is that the balance is not leveled properly.


Sartorius YCC03-D09 Data Cable

The heart of a Cesalis electronic balance is usually composed of six to eight gravity electromagnetic sensor springs, which are thin and easily damaged. The higher the accuracy of the balance, the thinner the gravity sensing spring. Therefore, special attention should be paid to protecting it during use. 

Do not load objects with a weight exceeding its weighing range on the balance, and do not use your hands to press the weighing plate or cause the balance to fall to the ground, To avoid damaging the balance or causing changes in the performance of the gravity sensor; In addition, weighing an object (especially a heavier object) should generally not exceed 30 seconds, and the weighing plate and its pallet should be removed during handling and transportation.


Sartorius YCC03- D09 Mini USB Weighing Scale Data Cable

The calibration of Sartorius electronic balances is generally divided into three types:


1. Fully automatic calibration, including standard weights and motor servo mechanism, can be completed in tens of seconds with just one function button. Generally, new electronic devices with an accuracy of over one thousandth of a gram use a fully automatic calibration mechanism.


2. Semi automatic calibration: Standard weights are installed inside but there is no servo mechanism. After entering the calibration program, the calibration code needs to be manually loaded and unloaded.


3. Manual calibration: There are no standard weights or servo mechanisms in the balance, so it is necessary to manually enter the calibration program and add standard weights for calibration. Generally, balances with lower accuracy use manual calibration.


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Sartorius electronic balance Scale S Q P Series RS232 Cable

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