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What Are The Types of Electronic Scales?

Electronic scales are electronic weighing devices that convert mechanical forces into electrical signals through electromechanical conversion components based on the principle of mechanical action, and use modern sensor technology, electronic technology, and computer technology to scientifically process electrical signals, obtaining weight information more intuitively. They meet and solve the "fast, accurate, continuous, and automatic" weighing requirements proposed in real life, while effectively eliminating human errors, Make it more in line with the application requirements of legal metrology management and industrial production process control.


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With the development of electronic scales and the demand for special applications, there are different types of electronic scales. Let's follow Premier Cable to learn more.


1. Electronic Weighbridge


Electronic weighbridge, also known as scale or platform scale, is a weighing device installed on the ground. With the development of enterprises, electronic weighbridge scales are widely used in various stages of production, and their presence can be found in almost every industry. The weighing range is generally 1 ton, 2 tons, 3 tons, and 5 tons. The scale body size is average, including 1mx1m, 1mx1.2m, 1.2x1.5m, and 1.2x2m. The scale body size can be selected or customized according to user needs.


2. Electronic truck scale


Electronic car scales are also a type of platform scale, mainly used for weighing cars. They are a large scale, and the difference from the first type is that the weighing range and body size are different. Because it is used for weighing cars, the range is generally large, including 30 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, and 150 tons.


3. Electronic platform scale


Platform scale is a small electronic weighing scale with a rectangular platform as the load-bearing device, usually used on the ground. According to structural principles, it can be divided into two categories: mechanical platform scales and electronic platform scales. The range of electronic platform scales is generally 30kg-600kg.


4. Electronic table scale


Electronic table scale, also known as desk scale, is a small weighing electronic scale that is often used on counters or tabletops in shops or factories. It is a type of pricing table scale.


5. Electronic hanging scale


It is an electronic weighing device that measures the mass (weight) of an object in a suspended state, also known as an electronic hanging scale or hook scale. Electric hoists are required for use in steel mills, rolling mills, steelmaking mills, Kaiping frying mills, bridge factories, heavy machinery factories, docks, etc.


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6. Electronic cylinder scale


It is a professional electronic scale used to weigh the weight of gas stored in steel cylinders.


7. Electronic bucket scale


The inverted bucket scale, also known as the oil bucket scale, is a new type of electronic scale used for the transportation and weighing of industrial oil drums in chemical plants, coating factories, and other industries.


8. Electronic forklift scale


A weighing and measuring instrument used for weighing loaded materials during the loading process of loading equipment.


9. Electronic balance


A balance that balances the gravity of an object with electromagnetic force is called an electronic balance. Its characteristics are accurate and reliable weighing, fast and clear display, and equipped with automatic detection systems, simple automatic calibration devices, and overload protection devices.


10. Electronic belt scale


At present, there are single roller belt scales and multiple roller belt scales on the market. The roller belt scales include: double roller belt scales, three roller belt scales, four roller belt scales, and eight roller belt scales. The commonly used ones are double roller, three roller, and four roller belt scales. Generally speaking, the larger the number of rollers in a belt scale, the higher the measurement accuracy of the belt scale.


11. Electronic packaging scale

Electronic packaging scales are also a type of electronic scale, but compared to ordinary electronic scales, electronic packaging scales are more intelligent. After setting a certain weight in advance, the electronic packaging scale can automatically complete weighing and packaging, greatly improving the work efficiency of the workshop.


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12. IoT Intelligent Scale

On the basis of traditional online scales, multiple high-tech technologies have been integrated, including intelligent operating systems, wireless network access, sensor integration, RFID card swiping identity authentication, camera smartphone access, and social network interaction. This enables the iScale series of online scales to fully meet the various weighing and scenario application needs of users, maximize the usability of the scales, save expenses for small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals, and improve operational efficiency.


Premier Cable is a professional wiring harness assembly supplier over 20 years, which has been highly praised by customers for many years. It provides various data communication wiring harnesses for industrial, laboratory, and other IoT intelligent scales, meeting the customization needs of large-scale data storage and processing.


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