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FTDI USB Serial Communication Cable for Intelligent Storage Cabinet

Intelligent Storage Cabinet USB to RS485 FTDI Serial Cable


Intelligent storage cabinet is a device based on the Internet of Things that can identify, temporarily store, monitor, and manage items (parcels). Build a delivery box system with a PC server. 


The PC server can unify the management of various storage boxes in this system (such as information on express delivery boxes, express packages, user information, etc.), and integrate, analyze, and process various information. 


Cabinet 2U 1U RJ45 Round Panel Mount Socket Connector


After the courier delivers the package to the designated location, they only need to deposit it in the delivery box. The system will automatically send a short message to the user, including the pickup address and verification code. The user can enter the verification code before arriving at the terminal at a convenient time to retrieve the package.


Premier Cable provide the FTDI USB to Serial Cable to meet the data communication need. We also make many different panel mount cables for the cabinet. If you are interest, leave us messages now to get more information. OEM Support!


Cabinet 2U 1U RJ45 D-Type Panel Mount Socket Connector

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Cabinet USB Type A Extention Panel Mount Cable

Dual Port USB Extention Panel Mount Splitter Cable

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