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What is the NMEA 2000 converter to 0183?

Cx5106 Multifunction Nmea2000 Signal Converter


The NMEA 0183 gateway allows you to connect NMEA 0183 devices to an NMEA 2000 network and vice versa. It has bidirectional converters and provides extensive support for message types such as AIS and Autopilot.



The gateway has 1 NMEA 2000 connection and 1 NMEA 0183 port with transmit and receive data lines. The NMEA 0183 port has a configurable baud rate range from 300 to 115200 baud, allowing connection of AIS transceivers (38400 baud), fast NMEA 0183 multiplexers and PC adapters as well as standard NMEA 0183 devices. Supports "single-ended" (RS-232) and "differential" (RS-422) NMEA 0183 connections. Compatible with PC COM (serial) ports and USB-to-serial adapters.



The device is equipped with a Micro SD card slot for configuration, firmware updates and diagnostic data logging. No special software is required to update or configure the gateway. All you need is a device (laptop or smartphone) with a MicroSD card reader and a simple text editor.



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NMEA 0183 Hi-speed Multiplexer

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