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How do I test my NMEA 2000 network?

DeviceNet Micro-C Multiport 6-Way Adapter


At this time of year as people prepare their boats for the season, add new kit and start them up after a long winter layup, we receive a lot of inquiries about NMEA 2000 installations and accessories. One particular customer was experiencing severe NMEA 2000 network cabling issues, and to support him in his time of need we have created some information on how to create NMEA 2000 test leads and use it to test new or existing NMEA 2000 networks new annotation.



If you have an old or spare NMEA 2000 cable in your "handy" box, put it to good use and create your own NMEA 2000 test leads. Assuming your cable is male to female, you can actually create two test leads from the same cable, just cut it in half, strip off the outer insulation and install the five wires on the inside (red/white /blue/black/shield) ) to a terminal "chocolate" block.



The male test lead is actually the most useful because most "trunk" connections are female connections, so you can plug the male test lead into any of those connections. The female test leads can be used to connect power to "bus powered" NMEA 2000 devices for firmware updates or configuration.



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