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Moscow Boat Show

NMEA 2000 Power Cord for TEE System


Moscow Boat Show is the largest and most influential boat exhibition in Russia. The participation of water sports such as speedboats and yachts, speedboats and aqua bikes aroused great interest and created a large number of admirers among Russian and foreign spectators. Due to its growth, the demand for related services: yacht and boat transportation, navigation equipment, sailing, etc., the boat show has always been recognized by many experts and yacht enthusiasts in the industry as an important event in the yachting industry.



The last Mscow Boat Show in Moscow, Russia, had a total area of 20,000 square meters. There were 285 exhibitors from China, South Korea, Poland, Singapore, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Turkey, etc., and the number of exhibitors reached 15,900.



The Moscow Boat Show in Russia is the main event for representatives of the yachting industry, chapter professionals, numerous water sports enthusiasts and active outdoor activities. For some participants, it served as a springboard to showcase their developments to new target audiences.



Premier Cable specialize in making NMEA 2000 cables and connectors, including:


NMEA2000 Terminator


NMEA2000 T-Connector


NMEA2000 Network Power Cable


NMEA2000 Micro 4-Way T Piece


8 Way Self-Contained Boat Network N2K


NMEA2000 Micro-C Drop / Backbone Cable


7/8" Gender Changer Connector L Type


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NMEA2000 CableDeutsch 4 pin to NMEA2000 CableHONDA NMEA2000 Cable with T-Piece

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