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1BEX is an American B2B professional marine and yacht equipment exhibition. Experience the best in boatbuilding at IBEX, attend expert-led training sessions, expand your network of peer professionals and see the latest products on the water and in action. We strive to provide a professional exhibition platform for all parties involved.



The last edition of IBEX, the Tampa Boat Show in the United States, had a total exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, and 360 exhibitors were from China, Dubai, the Netherlands, and Russia. Brazil, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, etc., the number of exhibitors reached 13,500.



North America is the most important yacht market in the world today, accounting for more than 90% of the world's yacht market share in North America. The United States is the most developed country in the yacht industry in the world. Its yacht market sales account for more than half of the world's yacht industry sales, and it is the world's largest yacht consumer. The development of the American yacht industry is closely related to its economic development, and it still maintains its dominance in the world yacht market. The radiance of BEX, the Tampa Boat Show in the United States, is also global. In addition to a large number of North and South American guests, a considerable number of customers from Oceania, Europe and Asia attend this event every year.



Premier Cable is a professional supplier of NMEA2000 connectors and cable assemblies. Our products have passed waterproof and salt corrosion tests and have been recognized by shipyards. If you are interested in the our products, please email us via





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